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What is the purpose of the event? What is it designed to achieve? What are the target groups? Does the event format include interactive elements with the participants? Who will chair the event, and how will this be done? Is the event part of a bigger process? What will be the next step after the event? How will the event’s success be evaluated?
How does the content of the proposed event fit with the EU sustainable energy policy agenda, the activities needed to deliver the 2020 targets, and/or the future energy policy agenda to 2030 and beyond? How does it complement (not duplicate) the content of other events that have been proposed?
How many participants are expected and what is the expected added value of the event for these participants? Is the event likely to attract media attention?
How will the proposed policy session be promoted to attract as many participants as possible? How the organiser will address the expectations of potential participants?
Will the event bring something new to the debate? Who and at what level are the proposed speakers?
How will the speakers and agenda for the event be finalised? How far advanced are the plans? How will it be promoted to reach its target groups?
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