GreenWay Service

New lease of life for commercial electric vehicles

Slovakian firm GreenWay has developed a market solution designed to encourage freight transport operators to take up electric vehicles. The company leases these electric vehicles to customers on a pay-per-km basis, enabling operators who typically drive 350 km or more per van per day to make significant savings due to the lower cost of electric over diesel fuel. This turns an expensive technology into a convenient and affordable service.

The firm also delivers client support, including advice on fleet integration, maintenance and 24/7 customer care. The vehicles are custom designed and include custom battery swap technology. A network of patented battery swap stations simplifies the recharging process and reduces the procedure down to just a few minutes. This enables clients to pull up, replace their depleted battery with a fully charged one, and be on their way. The batteries are then recharged in the station, awaiting the next user. Vans are able to travel 350 km or more per day, greatly increasing the amount of deliveries our clients can make.

The company is already generating revenues in Slovakia, Austria, and the Czech Republic and aims to expand its services into existing European electric mobility markets, and to continue to create new ones in Central and Eastern Europe. Research indicates that dense urban areas could provide significant opportunities for ‘last mile’ delivery needs.  Based also on their use of light commercial vehicles, the Benelux countries, Denmark and the Ruhr-Rhine region of Germany look ready to adopt the service.