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Turning Cyprus’ construction sector green

Cyprus needs to educate and equip at least 4 500 workers and installers with green skills in order to ensure that the building industry can fully contribute to the country’s environmental targets. In fact, qualified knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes are required not only in the building sector but in all sectors related to energy efficiency and the utilisation of renewable energy sources (RES) in construction. The WE-Qualify project sought to reduce the green skills gap by developing a training and qualification scheme for workers and installers that focuses on the most critical skills.

The skills identified by the project include:

  • Placement of thermal insulation
  • Placement of conventional insulation/thermal insulation plaster
  • Placement of external insulation
  • Installation of thermopanes and exterior sunshades
  • Installation of highly energy efficient thermopanes
  • Installation of exterior sunshades
  • Installation and maintenance of biomass heating systems

These fields were selected based on the existing structure of the building industry, the limited qualification of installers and the limited availability of training programmes and material. The outcomes of WE-Qualify are expected to provide the key components for upgrading existing standards or drafting new Standards of Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), to be included in the future National Qualification Framework (NQF). Appropriate training methodology and a transparent and clearly defined qualification route were also identified as key outcomes.

Promoting good practice in energy efficient building installations and creating a more qualified workforce will contribute towards increased public confidence, leading to market growth, while more effective construction and renovation will lead to better lower maintenance costs.