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EUSEW 2016 highlights

2100 participants, 9000 Award votes, 12 400 Tweets potentially reaching 18 million accounts, 270 000 page-views… A pat on the back to everyone who helped to make the EUSEW 2016 Policy Conference and activities such a big success!

Another EUSEW Policy Conference is over, and participants are setting out with new ideas, connections and motivation to build Europe’s sustainable energy future and empower energy consumers. Tweets, photos, news and events continue to come in, as the conference momentum and EUSEW Energy Days carry on throughout June.

EUSEW 2016 tombola has a winner!

Maria Cristina Sanz of Green ID is the lucky entrant in the #Power2Consumers draw. She wins a chance to try the latest in zero-emission motoring.

To enter the competition, Ms Sanz answered the question “What’s your wish for a sustainable future” at the 2016 EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference and had her photo taken by its media partner REVOLVE. Her prize is a day’s use of a Toyota Mirai, an electric car powered by hydrogen and a fuel cell stack.

EUSEW Awards 2016: Why Europe is an innovation epicentre for sustainable energy

On 14 June, the winners of the EUSEW annual Awards for innovative energy projects were announced during an Awards Ceremony in Brussels.

“This is the highlight of the Week because it showcases the best that Europe has to offer in sustainable and renewable energy and we’ve been inspired by the finalists and winners over the years, ” said Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, in his welcome speech at the EUSEW Awards Ceremony.

Today is the day! EUSEW Policy Conference kicks off

Information-sharing, debates, networking, entertainment… there is something for everyone at EUSEW!

Today is the official start to the 2016 EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference (14-16 June) taking place in two venues – the Charlemagne building and Residence Palace – located near Brussels’ Schuman district.

Thousands of you have registered already and no doubt have your tailored programme at hand. But we want to share a few tips and highlights of the day.

Fancy test driving a hydrogen fuel cell powered electric vehicle?

The lucky winner of our #Power2Consumers photo competition will be handed the keys for a free one-day test drive of the latest in zero-emission motoring.

To be in the running for this prize, all you have to do is answer the question ‘What’s your wish for a sustainable future?’ and have your photo taken by our media partners REVOLVE who will be roaming the two conference venues; around the DG Energy stand (Charlemagne building) and in the Networking Village (Residence Palace).

636 kg of CO2 offset: EUSEW carbon-compensation programme

EU Sustainable Energy Week leads by example with its carbon-offsetting programme, which includes funding for projects focused on renewable resources.

Six months after the Paris climate agreement, attention is now focused on concrete actions to cut carbon emissions to sustainable levels. That includes the transition to renewable energy.

The timing is perfect for EUSEW. It is a proven platform for sharing ideas and knowhow while forging alliances to bring about a fundamental transition focused on energy efficiency and efforts to decarbonise the economy.

Power to the consumer to accelerate the energy transition

This year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) focuses on the power of the consumer to accelerate Europe’s transition to a clean, secure and efficient energy system. Its Power2Consumers theme highlights support for citizens and local authorities setting up power installations and invest in renewables, including both groups more directly in a smart, sustainable economy.

Power2Consumers rests on three elements: shared investment; citizen engagement; and innovative markets and finance.

EUSEW Bulletin: opening ceremony and match-making

Vice-President Jyrki Katainen is scheduled to give a keynote address during the EUSEW Policy Conference opening ceremony, registered participants have been invited to join the onsite match-making through the dedicated app, and other developments leading up to the kick-off on 14 June

Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President and Commissioner for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness will be joined on stage by Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action Miguel Arias Cañete during the opening ceremony of EUSEW 2016.

Five ways you can accelerate the energy revolution

As a consumer, you have more power than you think to drive Europe’s energy revolution.

Your choices in buying and using energy can make our power system cleaner, less reliant on imports and more efficient. That makes the planet healthier and our economy stronger.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Video invitation to EUSEW 2016 by Dominique Ristori

Dominique Ristori, Director General for Energy at the European Commission, invites all those with an interest in helping to build the Energy Union to the European Sustainable Energy Week activities, including the Policy Conference from 14-16 June in Brussels.