Pitch up for the SME ‘innovation in energy efficiency’ session!

SME pitching session at the EUSEW 2016 Speakers’ Corner
SME pitching session at the EUSEW 2016 Speakers’ Corner

During EUSEW 2016, several Horizon 2020-funded projects will pitch to assembled press and delegates in a dedicated Speakers’ Corner session. This aims to raise awareness of how innovative SMEs are shaping Europe’s sustainable and efficient energy future.

Taking place on Wednesday, 15 June (16:00 -17:30) in the Speakers’ Corner of EUSEW’s Networking Village, the ‘Powered by SMEs’ session will open the floor to CEOs from four small and medium-sized enterprises that manage innovative energy efficiency projects funded by the European Union.

Speakers and projects

Gensoric GmbH (Germany), pitched by CEO Lars Krüger

Gensoric’s EU-funded project Willpower is a high-tech company driven by unique expertise in electrochemical analysis and synthesis of directly-heated electrodes for residential heating. Applied at a national level, their approach can help to overturn outmoded ‘central’ energy supply/production paradigms, and shift demand from externally-supplied and increasingly scarce oil/natural gas to synthetic fuels that are abundant, cost-efficient, price stable and CO2 neutral.

Cav. Uff. Giacomo Cimberio spa (Italy), pitched by CEO Roberto Cimberio

Giacomo Cimberio – world leader in the production of brass components and valves for plumbing systems, HVAC, gas and water distribution networks – is behind the EU-funded SmartCim project.

SmartCim is developing smart, interoperable systems for superior building efficiency and user awareness. It is transforming water distribution valves from simple HVAC distribution actuator systems into active nodes that interoperate with other system components (coils, thermostats, pumps) to deliver the exact amount of heat/cooling required in each zone served, with minimal amount of water and losses.

Watly (Spain/Italy), pitched by CEO Marco Antonio Attisani

EU-funded Watly project, as recently featured on CNN, addresses the increasing global demand for safe sources of drinking water and green ‘off-grid’ electricity by combining highly-efficient photovoltaic panels with thermal energy production used to desalinate and purify water in-situ. Watly units can function stand-alone or form an intelligent ‘Energy-net’ when connected together in what is described as “the most advanced and beautifully-designed solar hub in the world”.

HELIOVIS AG (Austria), pitched by CEO Felix Tiefenbacher

HELIOVIS’ EU-funded HELIOtube is demonstrating a cheaper, less resource-intensive ‘collector technology’ for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. This seeks to set a new gold standard in low-carbon-footprint power generation. The innovative technology makes use of standard plastic films and allows CAPEX-reductions of up to 55 % compared to most advanced glass-mirror based collection technologies.

A ‘must-see’ feature of the Networking Village

After a brief introduction by the European Commission’s Manuel Mendigutia, the projects will present their innovations to assembled journalists and delegates, followed by an open debate ‘Powered by SMEs – innovation in energy efficiency’ and Q&A.

This interactive and fun session is one of a rich programme of networking-focused activities taking place during the EU Sustainable Energy Week Policy Conference (14-16 June) in Brussels. There is still time to register for the event. For those who can’t make it to Brussels, there are EUSEW-affiliated Energy Days going on across Europe throughout June that you can attend. Or why not organise your own!

More information
Don’t miss the Powered by SMEs – Innovation in energy efficiency, Horizon 2020 projects pitch

The Networking Village comprises both formal and informal networking opportunities. Formal activities take place in the Residence Palace venue. Participants and stakeholders can exchange ideas on policies and best practice at the exhibits, networking area and Speakers’ Corner, while the one-to-one match-making meetings and informal networking stimulate future cooperation between participants.

Horizon 2020 is the EU’s largest multiannual funding programme for innovation, research and technological development, with nearly EUR 80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014-2020).


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